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All our work comes with a 12 year workmanship guarantee and a 12 year manufacturer’s guarantee on the paint products we use. Roof restoration is a maintenance that you can expect to last for in excess of 10 years. The product we use is the highest quality on the market today and will perform year after year in the sun. Rather than replace your roof, save significant cash by restoring it instead

It is difficult to give an exact dollar figure because every roof is different. The best way to get an indication of pricing is to book in a free inspection and quote. One of our qualified tradesmen will organise a preferable time to come over and discuss the project. We understand that each individual circumstance varies, so we will strive to tailor a solution that will meet your own personal and financial needs.
It is an unavoidable fact that all roofs will become dirty and start to deteriorate after decades of being in the harsh Australian environment. Cement tiles will lose their colour and gloss, whilst terracotta tiles will become covered in lichen. Some people will decide to restore their roof purely for aesthetic reasons whilst others will restore to increase the longevity of their roof and increase piece of mind. After all, the roof is on the front line protecting the family and possessions inside.
We can just paint, but for the best results, we recommend you fully restore your roof. Our restoration work includes complete repair, renovation and painting – this ensures the roof both looks good and functions well as a protective barrier against the elements.
There are a number of technical reasons why you should consider investing in roof cleaning. Moss and lichen can spread quickly and stealthily, depending on the local conditions, such as tree shade, humidity and position in relation to the sun. Plants hold water against the surface and create an environment that leads to the roofing material becoming more porous and, hence, more susceptible to rain erosion over time.