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Roof Painters BrisbaneRoof Painters Brisbane

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At the end of the day, the roof forms the first line of defence against weather vagaries such as winds, scorching sun and Brisbane storms. Regular roof painting is not only one of the easiest ways of maintaining the state of a roof but also the cheapest compared to other alternatives such as galvanising or a full structural replacement. When it comes to roof painting we have found that some brands just don’t live up to their name or the grand promises that they make in their advertising. Our research and experience has taught us which brands work the best, so we use quality paint from Shieldcoat paint to ensure that the work we do, stays looking its best over the long term.

Roof Painting Brisbane

Your roof is exposed to weather and other harsh natural conditions that may lead to deterioration and even decay. Such conditions increase the risk of damage to the roof and all the elements that are beneath it. Having your roof repaired regularly is an important part of home maintenance that roof restoration Brisbane can take care of for you. When you have a roof restoration done, it will entail the full work of repair, cleaning, sealing and repainting, but for some people this can be an expense that they are still working towards. In the meantime, if you are not in a position to have the full job done, it is important to have your roof regularly inspected and repaired to prevent small repairs becoming large costly jobs.

Roof Painters Brisbane
Roof Painters Brisbane

Roof Cleaning Brisbane

Roof Painters Brisbane recognises that an important part of roof maintenance is regular cleaningyour roof to prevent long term problems that may arise over time if left unchecked.Another important aspect of roof cleaning is to ensure that there is no build-up of mould, lichen or debris that can weaken your roof, or cause decay. Regular roof cleaning will save you money and can prevent expensive costly repairs later. At Roof Painters Brisbane we use high pressure cleaning to remove all dirt, growth and debris that could contribute to deterioration. Dirt, growths and other build-up on the roof can affect the heating and cooling efficiency of the home, some of the different algae’s that grow on roofs can contribute to heat retention within the home, which could affect how efficiently your home stays cool.

Roof Restoration Brisbane

Your home is the most valuable asset. Roof restoration is the rejuvenation and upgrading of an existing roof so as to stop or slow down the deterioration process of a roof. After about 15 years your roof will start to outwardly show signs of deterioration, which can include fading of colour, brittle bridge capping, a build-up of lichen and mould growth, and the tiles will become harder to clean. Underneath the surface there could be leaks which can deteriorate the ceilings, walls and structural integrity of your house. A roof restoration from Roof Painters Brisbane will not only transform your home by highlighting its beauty, but will give you peace of mind of knowing that your roof is in the best condition that it can be. For quality roof restorations using the best materials available and carried out by experienced roof restoration team.

Roof Painters Brisbane

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For those who do not enjoy the heat, the Summer months can be a really trying time. Often our cooling bill goes up dramatically and we spend a lot of effort trying to find ways to escape from the heat. You might think that the best you can do is install an air conditioner or more ceiling fans, but the answer could be in the type of paint you choose for your roof. The innovative folks at Nutech have been working with surface coatings for roof and cement for over 40 years, and have had some interesting technological breakthroughs in their product range. At Roof Painters Brisbane we like to introduce our customers to the latest innovations so they can get the most out of their roof makeover.

One of the quality Nutech products Roof Painters Brisbane uses is the Nutech Cool Zone heat reflective roof coating, a thermal protection technology that reflects the heat of the sun away from your roof. This makes it more efficient and saves you money on heating and cooling costs.

Shieldcoat’s THERMOBOND HRC is a heat reflective paint that is what the ‘HRC’ stands for, Heat Reflective (or reflectant) Coating. You can use Shieldcoat’s THERMOBOND Heat Reflective Coating on concrete tile roofs, factory colour coated steel (Colorbond) roofs or walls, fibro (asbestos) roof or walls, galvanised iron roofs or walls, cement sheeting walls, non-glazed terracotta tile roofs and zinc/aluminium coated steel roofs or walls

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