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Roof Restoration Benefits

Roof Painters Brisbane is a locally owned business operating in the Brisbane area, we are the roof restoration Brisbane experts. We provide a high quality roof painting, cleaning and roof restoration service for tiled and colourbond homes. As your house gets older your roof begins to age and it will require maintenance, otherwise it may start to leak. We will restore faded paint, clean away the moss and grime build up and restore cracked ridge capping.

Roof Painters Brisbane has been returning the sparkle to homes over Northern Brisbane for over 20 years, so you may have just observed its owner, Richard Gabriel on a roof close by you. Richard is an individual from the Master Painters Association and knows everything to think about roofing and support, which is the reason he utilizes quality items to guarantee that his stir satisfies its name – featuring the excellence of your home for a long time to come.

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Richard trusts that ‘information is influence’ and a significant advantage of picking Roof Painters Brisbane is the abundance of learning and experience that he conveys to his work.

He perceives that there are numerous parts of roof rebuilding that one learns through involvement after some time. It is hence that he utilizes a group of value subcontractors who have additionally been in the business for quite a while, who convey their very own abundance of experience to their work.

The blend of numerous long periods of experience, with the utilization of superb items and an expert hard-working attitude, are the triumphant fixings that make Roof Painters Brisbane the picked roof rebuilding master for Northern Brisbane.

The combination of many years of experience, with the application of high quality products and a professional work ethic are the winning ingredients that make Roof Painters Brisbane the chosen roof restoration expert for Northern Brisbane. 

Roof Painters Brisbane
Roof Painters Brisbane
Roof Painters Brisbane

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Roof Restoration Benefits

There are several distinct and equally important stages to a roof painting job, which Roof Painters Brisbane always follow to the letter.

Two important reasons to have your roof restored are to maintain the value of your property and to prevent expensive, avoidable problems occurring in the future. A full re-roof can run to many thousands of dollars and Roof Painters Brisbane is happy to offer you expert advice on how best to delay this for as long as possible, giving you time to make financial provision.

Something as simple as a cracked tile can easily lead to water intrusion, which can then cause damage to roof timbers and even your internal electrical wiring. There is also the genuine danger that wet rot or even dry rot can develop, causing significant problems, particularly in poorly ventilated roof spaces and voids, which provide the ideal environment for the destructive dry rot fungus to grow. 

For Roof Painters Brisbane, this is very quick and easy to fix and could save you a small fortune later on. A restoration, particularly when incorporating modern techniques such as ‘Point Last’, can give your roof a whole new lease of life.

Another benefit of roof restoration is that we can apply the Dulux InfraCool coating. This can dramatically decrease the heat radiating into your home via the roof, reflecting up to 90% of the sun’s energy. Surface temperatures can be reduced by 20-40°c, and you should see your air-conditioning bills
decrease significantly as a result.

Stage 1

The initial roof painting stage consists of sweeping the roof down and removing any loose debris; moss, fungi, lichen and leaves. The surface is then professionally cleaned using a specialised jet-washer. This should ensure a smooth and clean surface, ready for the next stage.

Stage 2

The second stage involves the application of a sealer, which prevents the next coat from seeping into porous or chalky tiles by adding a deep-penetrating resin and providing a sound base. With modern fully glazed terracotta tiles for example, means that we often need to apply an additional coat of special glass-based sealer to this type of roof. This is then left to ‘cure’ for two days before the next coat is applied.

Stage 3

Once the undercoat stage is completed we spray on a base-coat. This is a tough, water-based, acrylic product, which is specially formulated so that it will not contaminate run-off water used for drinking purposes. It also provides a highly resilient finish that can cope with extremely high temperatures. It can be safely used on concrete, terracotta and metal roofs with equally impressive results.

Stage 4

Finally, we apply a topcoat of the same product, which is available in a variety of colours to match your home’s exterior. The full process cannot be rushed and we take care to ensure each coat has fully dried before applying the next, as failure to do so could lead to problems like blistering, cracking and peeling. Once these 4 stages have been completed, Roof Painters Brisbane will clean the area leaving your premises spotless.

Our Products


Shieldcoat’s THERMOBOND HRC is a heat reflective paint that is what the ‘HRC’ stands for, Heat Reflective (or reflectant) Coating. You can use Shieldcoat’s THERMOBOND Heat Reflective Coating on concrete tile roofs, factory colour coated steel (Colorbond) roofs or walls, fibro (asbestos) roof or walls, galvanised iron roofs or walls, cement sheeting walls, non-glazed terracotta tile roofs and zinc/aluminium coated steel roofs or walls

Australian Made


• Sterilize Surface (if required)

• Apply Primer/Sealer

• Apply New Roof Membrane (2 coats)

• Apply Nano Clear Protect Coating

• Replace Broken Tiles

• High Pressure Clean

• Re-bed Ridge Capping (if required)

• Re-point Ridge Capping


Here is our 5 Coat System WARRANTIED not to fade.

At Shieldcoat, our innovation has helped us engineer a process that ensures that your roof, once restored, will continue to look good for years! The key to our success is extensive research and superior quality products combined with a precise application process. Here’s a sneak-peak at the process.

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It is difficult to give an exact dollar figure because every roof is different. The best way to get an indication of pricing is to book in a free inspection and quote. One of our qualified tradesmen will organise a preferable time to come over and discuss the project. We understand that each individual circumstance varies, so we will strive to tailor a solution that will meet your own personal and financial needs.
It is difficult to give an exact dollar figure because every roof is different. The best way to get an indication of pricing is to book in a free inspection and quote. One of our qualified tradesmen will organise a preferable time to come over and discuss the project. We understand that each individual circumstance varies, so we will strive to tailor a solution that will meet your own personal and financial needs.
It is an unavoidable fact that all roofs will become dirty and start to deteriorate after decades of being in the harsh Australian environment. Cement tiles will lose their colour and gloss, whilst terracotta tiles will become covered in lichen. Some people will decide to restore their roof purely for aesthetic reasons whilst others will restore to increase the longevity of their roof and increase piece of mind. After all, the roof is on the front line protecting the family and possessions inside.
There are a number of technical reasons why you should consider investing in roof cleaning. Moss and lichen can spread quickly and stealthily, depending on the local conditions, such as tree shade, humidity and position in relation to the sun. Plants hold water against the surface and create an environment that leads to the roofing material becoming more porous and, hence, more susceptible to rain erosion over time.

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